Mask Requirements In Ontario Will End In Most Indoor Settings On Monday

As of March 21, many facilities in Ontario where people have had to wear masks for the past two years will no longer require them. The government said individuals can continue to wear masks after this date if they wish to do so. 

They will be allowed to remove their masks in schools, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, banks, gyms, movie theaters, pharmacies, convenience stores, and libraries as of March 21.  But they still need to wear masks in public transit, hospitals, medical clinics, long-term care homes, shelters and jails.

The government has announced that the latter category of masking obligations will be lifted on April 27, effectively ending state-wide requirements. At another press conference on Wednesday, Premier Doug Ford said the decision to wear a mask after March 21 would be personal.

The Ministry of Health also states that organizations are welcome to maintain mandatory masking guidelines as needed. The mandatory vaccination policies for employees of schools, day care centers, hospitals and nursing homes will also end on March 14, 2022.